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Keep those itchy feet still? That has never been my talent! And there is nothing that has changed about it although we are a family of four now. I’ve seen some corners of the world, there are some I would like to show the kids once again and many are still on my bucket list.

Now, since some years the kids are always joining us. Which works excellently. And that is exactly what I am writing about on „Fernweh mit Kids“. Whether right outside the front door or in the middle of the Indian Ocean, there are so many exciting places, people and adventures that I want to experience together with my children.

In recent years the kids accompanied us to Sri Lanka and India, the Maldives, Dubai and the Seychelles, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Slovenia and Latvia.

“Really, this is possible?”, a commonly question I often hear. Of course it is – and that’s what I am reporting on on Fernweh mit Kids. From our trips with the children and about people, places , hotels , beaches, mountains , elephants, airplanes and boats, Tuk- Zuks and Jeep-neys, Wanderlust and Kids experiencing amazing places.


Commonly we are travelling together as a family. Whenever my workload permits it, I am also on trips of my own.

After many years as a Public Relations and Marketing Manager at companies like Deutsche Bank, DaimlerChrysler, Microsoft and Kabel Deutschland and with a degree in Corporate Communications I swept back to my roots and work as a Freelance Writer and Editor in Traveljournalism and Corporate Publishing: www.sinnkriterium.de

Travelling is my passion . And I’ve always been more of a Flashpacker than a Backpacker. I trade low budget for high heels, but still prefer to flip- flops. At the same time I would rather visit Hindu temple in Kerala than a gourmet temple in Paris, but can not decide whether I prefer to listen to the Indian Ocean lapping on the beach or the whistling of a storm on the North Sea.


A few pins are already set. But there is still some room on the map for many new. My biggest love is Southeast-Asia. I need to go to India again. The Philippines will be the next place to see. But also some other places have secured their front seats on the bucket list, like e.g. Belize and Costa Rica , Oman , Namibia and … – and, honestly, I can not imagine any country in the world that would not be worth a trip.

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