First Aid Kit


Often I have been asked what I pack for long distance travel with kids into the first aid kit … so here is my list. Of course, this is not our usual baggage when it comes to holidays in Italy or France – there normally a very suitable hospital or farmacy is easy to reach. Travelling  greater distances I prefer to have all the necessary and unnecessary drugs right at hand:

– Wound disinfection

– Gauze bandage , elastic bandage, plaster, tape

– Charcoal tablets

– Soluble electrolyte solution

– Immodium

– Fever juice / suppository

– Thermometer

– Malaria standby for parents and children ( Malarone )

– Antibiotics – ciprofloxacin 500m for the parents and cefpodoxime juice for the kids

– Nobite

– Painkiller – Ibuprofen juice for the children and for the parents 600mg Ibu

– Needles ( Disposable and indwelling )

Apart from this of course a visit to the Tropical Institute or a doctor on the program, with specific advice and vaccinations for the destination​​ is mandatory. This could be:

– Various forms of hepatitis

– typhoid fever

– cholera

– Encephalitis forms

– Tetanus , polio and other typical childhood diseases

– Rabies

A first Overview on the region is obtained here:


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